TaxTron Corporate Tax Return(T2) For Web

TaxTron Corporate Tax Return(T2) For Web

Tired of Paying Accountants to file your corporate Returns. You can do it yourself, Prepare and file your own T2 Corporate returns with ease! Enter your financial statement information using industry standard GIFI forms.

Taxtron T2 supports all types of Corporate Tax returns and is easy to use with our simple step process for Data entry. Taxtron T2 is fully integrated with Softron T2 Corporate Tax Courses and can be used for training new staff.

TaxTron T2 supports the preparation of the Alberta Provincial tax return, however we do not support the preparation of the Quebec CO-17.

TaxTron T2 is designed for taxpayers who want to file their own corporate tax return. To electronically file your own corporate return, you will need a web access code. You can obtain a web access code from CRA and if you don’t have one, please call 1-800-959-2803.

TaxTron Corporate Web (Single license) will allow you to file one corporate return per year. If you are filing Multiple years, then you need to pay for each Year.

You can try our web products for free by creating a secure user account on our portal and only pay when you are ready to file your tax returns. This product is designed for Businesses that want to file their own taxes and not designed for Professional Efilers filing taxes on behalf of Clients.

Your data is saved on our secure server and can be easily accessed from anywhere in the world. This gives you the freedom to work from anywhere knowing that your data is secure.

Price: $69.00

You will be directed to TaxTron secure website where you will be required to register and setup your profile. You will be able to start our T2 Individual products for free and purchase the products.